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Rhythmic gymnastics

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Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines performing to the music of different gymnastics and dance exercises without apparatus and with apparatus (rope, Hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon).


Rhythmic gymnastics is a relatively young sport; it owes its origin to the ballet masters of the famous Marly theatre. For a comparatively short period of its existence the sport gained worldwide recognition and has many fans all over the world.
In 1913 at the Leningrad Institute of physical culture named after P. F. Lesgaft was opened higher school of art movement. The first teachers of its steel rose Varshavskaya, Elena Gorlova, Anastasia Premium, Alexander Semenov-Naypak. All of these teachers prior to joining VSHHG had its own experience in teaching : “aesthetic gymnastics” – Francois Delsarte, “rhythmic gymnastics” – Emile Jacques del-Crozet, “dance gymnastics”, Georges – Gemini and “free dance” – Isadora Duncan. Merging together of all these trends gymnastics contributed to the emergence of this fine sport.



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